As a production company you want your cast doing (a part of) his fight scenes and stunts by himself?
Are you an actor/student/schoolowner who wants to know how to do movie fights?
Or just want to have a look behind the scenes?

I’ll show you how!

When you join my personal coaching, you will enjoy my individual didactic knowledges and experiences I made during the pedagogical MA studies and the C and B license coach of the DSB (German Sport Association).

As a coach, I offer you:
– personal coaching (I can improve the body’s natural abilities of your cast to make him look more athletic and do some of the fights / stunts himself)
– martial arts in its various facets (doing fight scenes for television and film, forms, various weapons, self-defense, etc.)
– archery
– medieval fencing
– insights into rigging (try it yourself)
– insights how “movie fighting ‘works

past workshops

  • staff fencing workshop for chisao

  • moviefights workshop for buff-connection

  • moviefights workshop in school